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Five Things You Can Do in Your Twenties to Gain Financial Independence Early

Five Things You Can Do in Your Twenties to Gain Financial Independence Early

| March 03, 2023

These days, young people look at the current economic climate and wonder how to build wealth for the future. Fortunately, working with a financial advisor can put you on the path to realizing your financial independence goals. Explore strategies and questions to ask financial advisors, such as whether you need a cash flow analysis to start building wealth.

Five Things You Can Do in Your Twenties to Gain Financial Independence Early

1. Conduct a Cash Flow Analysis

If you want to build your wealth, one of the first things you will need to do is analyze your cash flow. A personal analysis of your cash flow will look at your income and your expenses to determine whether your cash flow is negative or positive. This analysis will give you insight so you can craft a better budget.

2. Set Savings Goals

Setting specific savings goals is also a good idea. Setting specific goals can give you hands-on practice for managing and growing your wealth, which is a vital experience to gain during your twenties. Savings goals can be for anything from concert tickets to your retirement fund.

3. Get a Retirement Planning Strategy

As both the age of retirement and the inflation rate continue to rise, it's important to start on your retirement planning strategy sooner rather than later. By planning early, you are in a better position to accumulate wealth steadily, so you can have enough money to live on when you are retired. A retirement planning strategy can include signing up for an IRA or putting more money in your 401k.

4. Clean Up Your Credit

Cleaning up your credit score is another way you can gain financial independence. While credit cards are a convenient way to pay for expenses, credit card debt can build up quickly and keep your cash flow locked. When you can pay down your high-interest credit cards or other debts like student loans, you can improve your credit score and your financial future.

5. Learn How to Invest

Finally, learning how to invest your cash properly is essential for building wealth. In general, an investment portfolio will build wealth more quickly than an ordinary savings account, so it's a good idea to work with a financial advisor to create a diverse strategy to meet your goals. Investments can include stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, and much more.

What Are Questions to Ask Financial Advisors?

Along with learning how to gain financial independence early in life, there may be other questions you will want to ask a financial advisor. For some people, fail-safe strategies like life insurance can be a good way to protect assets as wealth grows, but are there specific insurance policies that are most appropriate for your needs? You may also want to ask a financial advisor about other planning strategies for the future, such as income planning.

Twenty-somethings can reap huge benefits by gaining financial independence early. When you can dedicate your income to building wealth, you can save up for your future security more quickly. To learn more about how to start investing, contact Jaks Financial for one-on-one financial planning today.